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Stakes Performers of MAGICAL MAIDEN

Dam of 0 stakes performers since 2003

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LORD AVIE as a Broodmare Sire

Offspring 83 Races 191
Best performers A-Z
AIRPLAY LADY (Gr 1), GREAT LUCY (Gr 1), INGENIERO A (Gr 1), LAWYER RON (Gr 1), LUCIDO (Gr 1), MANDINGOS DREAM (Gr 1), MI ADRIANITA (Gr 1), NEW CREATION (Gr 1), OUR NEW RECRUIT (Gr 1), ST AVERIL (Gr 1), YOLANDA B. TOO (Gr 1), AMANDATUDE (Gr 2), FALCON (Gr 2), FESTIVE CHEER (Gr 2), LAD LADY (Gr 2), PERUVIAN LILY (Gr 2), POLVORA NEGRA (Gr 2), SOUL CITY SLEW (Gr 2), STOLE (Gr 2), SUAVE VOIR FAIRE (Gr 2), SWEET RED CAT (Gr 2), AUSONE (Gr 3), AVIE'S SENSE (Gr 3), ERA'S BOY (Gr 3), HAMMERS TERROR (Gr 3), LOFTY AIM (Gr 3), MAID OF HEAVEN (Gr 3), MESTRE COLONY (Gr 3), MY MONET (Gr 3), RICACHONA (Gr 3), SILENT SOUL (Gr 3), TRUE FEELINGS (Gr 3), VALIANT CITY (Gr 3), YOU AND NELLY (Gr 3), ACTION LADY (Listed), AMBER HILLS (Listed), AMBER'S WAY (Listed), AVIE'S QUALITY (Listed), AVIE'S TALE (Listed), BIG BROWNIE (Listed), BIG YUM (Listed), BOLD VOW (Listed), BRINCA (Listed), BUCK TROUT'S NIECE (Listed), CODE OF ETHICS (Listed), EL POPPIE (Listed), ERIN'S CAJUN (Listed), FARABI (Listed), G W'S SKIPPIE (Listed), GRAYGLEN (Listed), HEARTFUL HERO (Listed), IRON GODDESS (Listed), LORD IMAJONES (Listed), MEDEIA (Listed), RIPLEY (Listed), SKINFLINT (Listed), SUIVEZ MOI (Listed), SWEET LUCA (Listed), TWICE THE ENERGY (Listed), U B THE JUDGE (Listed), UNBRIDELS KING (Listed), VOTE EARLY (Listed), WORK FOR A CURE (Listed), YOLANDA B TOO (Listed), ANNAMONARCHOS (Restricted), AVIE NINER (Restricted), BRAVA DARBY (Restricted), DANCING TILL DAWN (Restricted), DOUBLE GOLD (Restricted), EXTRA ZIP (Restricted), I'LL STAKE U (Restricted), KINCORALYN (Restricted), LORD AVIE JONES (Restricted), MADAME UNO (Restricted), MANDARIN (Restricted), MOBILE (Restricted), PRIDE OF SARATOGA (Restricted), RITA'S FIFTY SEVEN (Restricted), SNOWIE HILL (Restricted), SOUTHERN SAIL (Restricted), TIL THE END (Restricted), TUNNEL (Restricted), WINPINS (Restricted)